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When I was young, I was raised both by my mother and then after I was 11, by my grandparents.  My mother loved animals and when my sister and I were with her, we always had at least a dog as a pet.  My grandmother on the other hand did not like having pets.  When I was finally 18, I got my first rescue dog, Katie,  and have not been without a pet since.  That was a few decades ago with many rescue dogs and cats over the years.  Now I have Alfred known at my house as “Alfred The Dog”, along with two older male cats (Goozer and Clyde) who were also rescue animals. I feel providing a safe and loving home for an unwanted animal is a gift we all can give.

Terri with Alfred

Terri Tackett, President


Dorene moved to Grangeville in 2004 to be closer to family and the mountains.  She and her husband, Dave share a home with two dogs, two cats and a horse. 

Dorene works as a Property Clerk for Idaho County and enjoys the community she serves.  

Having previously worked for the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), she was wanting to find ways to help locally.  She's very happy to be volunteering with ARF and working towards common goals of helping create a better life for feral and companion animals in our area. 

She loves the mountains, camping and 4-wheeling along with mushroom hunting and huckleberry picking. 

Dorene with Luce & Sydney

Dorene George, Treasurer

Dr. Kim with Misty

Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum, DVM grew up in a small western Washington town where she knew by the age of six that she wanted to be a Veterinarian.  She practiced trying to make all the animals she could find better.  She attended Washington State University, receiving her Animal Science Degree  in 1992 and her DVM in 1999.

She and her family moved to Grangeville in October 2000.  She worked for the local vets part time while raising a family of four kids with her husband, Burt.  In 2015, she started a mobile practice where she went all over Idaho County.  In 2020, she started the Tolo Veterinary Clinic located in Grangeville.

In her off time, she enjoys fly fishing, riding mules and horses, gardening and doing things with her kids.  This picture is of her with her horse Misty at the WhiteBird battle field.

Dr. Kimberly Wolfrum, Secretary

Rachel Biebow.jpg

Rachel Grew up on Camas Prairie.  As a child, she could likely be found in the calf barn snuggled up with all the dairy and beef calves or in the barn stalls with their dairy cows and bulls. Her family had around 150 milk cows and always a couple bulls.  Each one had a name. Her parents sold the dairy in the mid 80's and switched to a large hog operation.  It wasn't long before Rachel was trying to name each pig too.  She currently has 2 cats, Baha and Tommy.  Baha adopted her by showing up one day and being persistent. Tommy was adopted from Grangeville Vet Clinic.  She has 3 children and two grandsons.

Rachel admires the great people on ARFs board past and present for all the hard work and dedication towards our area animals and the work they have done so far with building a much needed animal shelter to our area. 

Rachel Biebow, Vice President

IMG_5563 (1).jpg

My name is Lynne Fredrickson, both my husband and I are life time residents of Grangeville Idaho.   I work at Syringa Hospital as an RN.  I have three horses, two dogs and two cats.  I have always loved dogs.  As a young girl I would bring home every stray dog I could find and try to find a home for the dog.

Because of my love of animals, I joined ARF.   I enjoy working with the dogs, and my goal in working with the dogs is to help teach them how to be a good dog citizen and then to help them find their appropriate person

Lynne Fredrickson, Director

Heading 2

lisa and bear bear.jpg

Lisa moved to Grangeville in 2014. Her husband, Dave was born and raised in Grangeville and it felt like the right time to make the move to be closer to family. Together, they have 6 children and 1 grandbaby. 

Lisa works as the advertising and sales manager for the Idaho County Free Press and The Clearwater Progress. When she was growing up, there were always animals in her house. Mostly dogs and cats that were the family pets. Her love for animals is evident in the compassion she shows towards them.

Today, her fur babies include 3 dogs: Bear, Coco and Allie, and a cat named Strawberry. They are her world. 

In her off time, Lisa enjoys the outdoors and spending time with her pets and family. She is an avid baseball fan and loves watching her youngest son play college baseball. Lisa is happy to volunteer for ARF and to help bring awareness to the community for animals in need. 

Lisa with Bear-Bear

Lisa Adkison, Director

Lorie and dogs.jpg

Lorie Palmer Russell has worked as a reporter for the Idaho County Free Press since 1995.

She and her husband have three grown daughters.

Throughout the years they have had many dogs, cats and horses. They currently have two outdoor cats (outdoor by their own choice) and are owned by two spoiled chiweenies.

In her free time, Lorie enjoys baking, scrapbooking, thrifting, reading, taking daytrips, photographing barns and spending time with her daughters.

Lorie with her chiweenies

Lorie Palmer, Director


As long as I can remember growing up we have always had animals. My family now has continued the tradition and currently enjoys the companionship of all our pets. We live in a rural area having a local animal shelter would greatly benefit our community.

Nicolle Long, Director

Carla Simmons, Director

Lanee Wood, Director

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