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About the Animal Rescue Foundation

The mission of Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) is "Together we enhance the lives of animals in need".  Improving the lives of animals in need makes for a happier, healthier community for everyone!

ARF is an all volunteer organization and was formed in 2014 with the goal of a regional no-kill animal shelter located in Grangeville, ID to serve Grangeville and surrounding communities.  The nearest animal shelter to Grangeville is over 75 miles away.

Lack of an animal shelter for communities and residents of Idaho County results in pets being abandoned, neglected, in difficult rehoming/adoption situations and pets simply lacking proper veterinarian care such as spaying/neutering. These issues contribute to a large pet overpopulation problem in our rural county. In 2020, the members of ARF recognized the need to implement shelter programs despite the fact that no animal shelter exists locally. The programs implemented in 2020 focused on efforts to decrease the pet overpopulation problem and improve local animal welfare. ARF Board Members continue to work on shelter development and funding, as well as continuing to operate programs to help local animals in need.

Programs ARF supports our rural community with include:

  1. Trap/Neuter/Vaccinate/Return (TNVR) clinics for feral / stray cats

  2. Spay/Neuter Voucher program

  3. Networking with SpokAnimal and MCPAWS which allows pets needing homes to be transferred to their shelters for adoption

  4. Local fostering and adoptions through Adopt-a-Pet and social media

  5. Financial Assistance Program for veterinarian care to help low-income, senior citizen and veteran pet owners

  6. Pet Food Pantry to assist those in need of pet food


Since February of 2020 through February 2023, ARF helped improve the lives of pets in need 2697 times!

Recently, a very generous community member has agreed to donate 1.5 acres of land to ARF to build a local animal shelter, YAY!  ARF is in the process of working with the City of Grangeville and Idaho County to ensure this acreage will have access to all utilities needed and can continue towards the realization and building of an animal shelter.

While ARF continues to work on the goal of building a no-kill animal shelter, ARF will continue helping animals, pet owners and community members through all of the programs currently in place. All of these programs help tremendously to improve the lives of cats/kittens and dogs/puppies in our rural communities.

We couldn't help so many animals without the generosity & support of our donors - THANK YOU!

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